On December 1st I attended a presentation by Citigroup’s Jerry Schretter, a Villanova alumni to on their Global Energy Investment Banking Group. The presentation described what they do there, and how they invest, as well as what wind farmhis role is in the organization.

The Energy Group is composed of three main sectors, strategic Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets, and Acquisition Finance. He informed us that they were #1 in Mergers and Acquisitions for the Oil and Gas Industries the past year. Their biggest area is Mergers and Acquisitions, often connecting the big energy companies with many of the smaller start ups.

Jerry considers the energy sector. to be the most broad and lively. It is constantly changing and a huge part of everyday life in the world. They invest in mainly mid cap small companies and private companies, as those usually have the most potential for growth. They focus on petroleum, natural gas, electrical power, nuclear power, coal, and most recently renewable and alternative energy. Many of their operations are based out of the Gulf of Mexico, but they have operations all gas2around the world for the many energy sources out there.

He gave students and idea of what it is like to be an intern in the group. They do research and market analysis, as well as even participating in live deals. It is a difficult job though, as interns can work over 100 hours per week in stressful environments. Jerry said the internships work very similarly to the jobs, and that they look good on resumes and prepare students well for the industry.

Mr. Schretter said he loves his job, and the industry solarespecially. Most of the energy industry is based out of Houston so he works a lot there but lives in New York. The job requires a lot of traveling, for working deals as well as possible investments. He does a lot of work hiring people and explained how difficult it is to get a job there, though he says VSB looks good on resumes.

They are looking to recruit VSB students for summer internships. So, VSB students, take initiative! He said networking is the most important part of the college experience, and that it is often the key for a student getting a job, especially at an investment bank like Citi. He says that Citi has recently been sending recruiters to Villanova and that they always love the students here.oil

If the energy industry is attractive for you, here is your opportunity! Mr. Schretter is a proud Villanova alumni and wants to help the students here break into the investment banking world. So get your name out there, and look into an internship this bustling industry!citi